Welcome to the free web hosting website where we have one simple objective to provide you with access to a list of the best free hosting providers online which come with everything you need to create a website. The old myth that free hosting has lots of downtime and performance issues no longer stands in todays hosting marketplace as more and more providers realize that by offering a professional and free service to customers is a great way to showcase the free web hosting services they have to offer. If people like the free service they will be more likely to upgrade to the paid service in order to access more features the service has to offer. 

All the hosting companies included at this website have been handpicked and tested by us to ensure they offer the following noted below. 

  1. Website speed. 
  2. Support PHP and MYSQL.
  3. Includes one more email addresses.
  4. Includes an FTP account.
  5. Is AD free.
  6. Offers a fair support policy for the free hosting services they offer where people can open a support ticket or contact them via email 
  7. Supports WordPress
  8. Offer sufficient website space and bandwidth to allow someone to run a small website

Our aim to keep adding more and more services to the website as and when we find time to fully test them for you. 

If you know about the free hosting which is not included at this website please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to review it for you.

If its suitable then we will include as one of the best free website hosting services.